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May 1, 2017

Donohue Active in Energy and Resource Recovery Seminar

Donohue Active in Energy and Resource Recovery Seminar Header Image

Donohue’s Mike Harvey, PE is the Program Chair for the Energy and Resource Recovery Seminar taking place on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The program is presented by the Illinois Section of the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) and the Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies (IAWA) and features presentations from industry professionals on topics including:

  • Energy conservation opportunities
  • Energy management
  • Energy production
  • Resource recovery 
  • A plant tour of CHP facilities at the Glenbard WRRF

Mike commented, “This is the first such seminar by CSWEA and IAWA in Illinois and it’s exciting to see how, as the world’s needs for water, energy, and fertilizer increases, the perspective of wastewater as a waste is shifting towards seeing it as a valuable resource.”

Donohue’s Jeremy Cramer will be presenting “The Far Reaching Impacts of Resource Recovery,” which examines the paradigm shift that’s beginning to take place in the wastewater treatment world. In fact, moving away from the use of the phrase “wastewater treatment” is one of the significant changes on the horizon as our industry turns its focus to resource recovery. The high-tech equipment, sophisticated systems, and the exceptional caliber of the personnel, are among the factors that are transforming modern facilities and driving innovation. Paralleling this transformation is a shift in public perception of what it means to treat wastewater.

Curt Czarnecki, PE from the Kenosha Water Utility will be presenting “Kenosha Energy Optimized Resource Recovery Project.” The project incorporated innovative technologies into its existing wastewater treatment infrastructure that resulted in significant energy optimization and sustainable resource recovery. The design was done by Donohue and it included anaerobic digestion, medium-temperature thermal biosolids drying, combined heat and power (CHP) energy recovery, and North America’s first PONDUS thermal-chemical hydrolysis system to enhance energy recovery. This project reduces dependence on fossil fuel energy, minimizes landfill disposal, and produces an end product that allows for the reuse of nitrogen and phosphorus, which was previously discarded. This project received this year’s top Engineering Excellence award presented by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Wisconsin for this project. The prestigious Grand Award recognizes a project representing the highest degree of technical innovation, client satisfaction, and contributions to the engineering industry.

► View the full seminar agenda at cswea.org/ILLINOIS/events/2017ILEnergyResourceRecovery.pdf

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