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May 18, 2015

Donohue Active in 88th Annual CSWEA Meeting

Donohue Active in 88th Annual CSWEA Meeting Header Image

The Central States Water Environment Association’s (CSWEA) Annual Meeting brings together passionate professionals from throughout the wastewater industry to provide a forum for innovation, inspiration, and exchange of ideas. The meeting takes place this week (May 18-20) and Donohue is excited to be involved through presentations, sponsorship, exhibit booth, and other activities. Five Donohue professionals will be presenting on a variety of informative topics:

  • Eric Lynne, PE, process engineer from Donohue’s Sheboygan, WI office: “Waste Not, Want Not: Maximizing High Strength Waste Addition”
  • Bill Marten, PE, BCEE, Practice Leader for Wastewater Biological Processes and Nutrient Removal from Donohue’s Milwaukee, WI office: “Big Ideas, Big Results: Startup and Commissioning of the Eau Claire Water Resource Recovery Facility” and “Low Cost Improvement to Maximize Wet Weather Capacity: A Superior Approach”
  • Dennis Dineen, PE, senior wastewater engineer from Donohue’s Milwaukee, WI office: “Full Scale Digester Mixing Performance: Pump and Nozzle, Linear Motion, or None”
  • Andrew Dow, process engineer from Donohue’s Chicago, IL office: “Why Your Wastewater’s ‘Personality’ Matters”
  • Nathan Cassity, PE, BCEE, senior process engineer from Donohue’s Sheboygan, WI office:  “Phosphorus Compliance Case Studies in Illinois”

Donohue is delighted to be the wi-fi sponsor and silver level sponsor for the event.

The theme for this year’s meeting is PIE – Participation, Inspiration, Education. The “Participation” component encourages input from all members to enhance the water environment organization. The “Inspiration” component entails furthering the knowledge of young professionals in the industry. The “Education” component aims to increase the awareness of water quality issues. We truly enjoy being a part of this event and we hope to see you there! Learn more about the conference HERE.

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